Meridies Heraldry
Page updated:
15 Dec 2013

Originally compiled by a former Lantern Herald, Cuhelyn Cam vap Morcant, Yves has maintained this list since then and adds to it or tweaks it on occasion.


It's intended to be a quick reference for SCA heralds for recommended information from resources on the Web.

Lantern’s List of Links


Administrative Handbook of the College of Arms of the SCA, Inc.
Standards for Evaluation of Names and Armory of the College of Arms of the SCA, Inc. (formerly the Rules for Submission)
Glossary of Terms as used by the College of Arms of the SCA, Inc.

Name Submission
A directory of educational material regarding names, naming practices and related subjects.
Given Names that are Not Suitable for SCA Usage.
Collected Precedents of the SCA: Conflict Tables.
"Lingual Weirdness Rulings" (link to the Wayback Machine)
A table by Aryanhwy merch Catmael (Drachenwald). Learn if the SCA will register a given name from one culture with a second element from a different culture. According to the page it was last updated through the June 2009 LoAR. (link to the Wayback Machine; Oct 2007 update)
Academy of Saint Gabriel.
Academy of Saint Gabriel Report Archive.

Device Submission
Pennsic Traceable Art Project by Ailis Linne.
Flower Conflict and Registerability
Does a lily conflict with a tulip? This will tell you. Original content by Tanczos Istvan; last updated January 2005. A "dusted off" version is now kept right here on Meridies Heraldry.
"Line of Division Conflict Table" by Robert mac Cormaic.
Reserved and Prohibited charges: problem charges to update your Pic Dic.
Collected by Pendar the Bard (Outlands). This version is an update of the version on the SCA.ORG site below. Lists the policy changes to reserved and banned charges that have come about since the Pic Dic was published." Updated September 2002.
Reserved and Prohibited Charges. Compiled by Dmitrii Volkovich and updated by Meradudd Cethin.
Can my client register a rose? The answer can be found here. Updated May 2002.
"Argent Snail’s Armory Insta-Boing Check List" by Jaelle of Armida.
"A Grammar of Blazonry" (or Master Bruce's Guide to Excruciatingly Correct Blazon) by Bruce Draconarius.
"Some birds and the postures in which they are found in period English heraldry" by Zenobia Naphtali.
A Heraldic Primer. Original concept by Iulstan Sigewealding, expanded and updated by Meradudd Cethin.

Conflict Checking
Basic Conflict Checking by Teceangl Bach. From April 1999.
Precedents of the SCA College of Arms.
SCA Ordinary and Armorial.

Miscellaneous Resources
"Heraldic Myths (Information to Clear Up Misconceptions Involving SCA Heraldry)" by Modar Neznanich.
"Frequently Given Answers (That are Wrong)" by Gawain of Miskbridge.
Modar's Heraldry Page. Many, many articles on colorful pages. || archive on the Wayback Machine
Parker’s Glossary of Terms Used in Heraldry by James Parker (1895)