Meridies Heraldry
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20 Nov 2014


We hope you enjoy your visit to the online home for the College of Heralds in the Kingdom of Meridies.


Antonio de Navarra

Beacon Principal Herald • email Beacon



Ýves de Fortanier

Arbor Pursuivant (Heraldry Web Deputy) • email Arbor

Table of Contents


Pages on this site



  • Oaths ... The text for the oath of fealty to the Crown and the text for the sword oath for Crown List entrants.
  • Scrolls ... A set of pages for the Parchment Pursuivant.
  • Education ... A page for the Lantern Pursuivant.
  • Orientation ... A page for the Candle Pursuivant.
  • Commenting ... A page for the Lambent Herald. Guidelines for Requesting Commenting Privileges on OSCAR. NEW: 18 Dec 2014
  • Submissions ... A page for the Pennon Herald and the Cypher Pursuivant. Advice and instructions for local heralds in Meridies on how to process submissions of names, devices, and badges for their clients. ** NEW Submission Forms: 20 Nov 2014 **
  • Lantern's List of Links ... Originally compiled by Cuhelyn Cam vap Morcant, former Lantern Pursuivant, this is a collection of links to Web sites considered useful for SCA heralds.
  • Lists and Tournaments ... A page for the Trumpet Herald.
  • Information for Local Group Heralds ... Reporting policy from Lucis, Beacon's expectations, links to the herald's handbook and more helpful articles on how to do the job. Updated: 03 Dec 2014
  • Information on Members of Beacon's Staff ... A summary of who's who, their job responsibilities, when they took office, and designated successors. Updated: 03 Dec 2014

Links to external sites



  • Yahoo Group: meridies-heralds ... a moderated discussion list for SCA heraldry in Meridies; heralds in Meridies and other kingdoms discuss and check for conflicts on heraldic submissions and talk about heraldry and other topics; this is the primary computer-based tool that heralds in Meridies use to communicate with each other; this is also one of Beacon's tools for communicating with the heralds in the kingdom

    Also see these groups on Facebook: Meridies Heralds, Voice Heralds of Meridies, and SCA Heraldry Chat



  • Meridies Order of Precedence ... the awards database that the Clerk of Precedence maintains with hosting and technical support from Stentor (Master Alexander Ravenscroft); for information about awards and their precedence specific to Meridies, see Kingdom Law or Mistress Jessa's page for Meridies
  • Bagatelle Pursuivant's Site ... kingdom regalia, photo gallery, and instructions for making regalia
  • Award Recommendation Form ... also linked from the Kingdom Web site, the page has a form that you can use to nominate someone as a candidate to receive an award from the Crown of Meridies
  • How to submit an award recommendation ... a training video by Guntram von Köln
  • Yves' Pages on SCA Heraldry ... as archived on the Wayback Machine